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5 Places You Can Work After Obtaining Online 6hr Med Tech Certification

The healthcare industry is full of opportunities for those looking to make a meaningful impact. One of the most efficient ways to hop on this rewarding journey is by obtaining an online med tech certification in the USA. This certification equips you with the necessary skills to handle medication administration, an essential part of patient care. Elite Medical Academy, a Florida-based CNA Prep Training Academy, offers a full 6-hour med tech course that is both flexible and thorough.  To help you make the right decision, in this blog, we share the benefits of med tech certification and the various employment opportunities available after completion.

What is Online Med Tech Certification USA?

Online med tech certification is a specialized training program designed to teach aspiring healthcare professionals the fundamentals of medication administration. The course covers various aspects, including safe medication practices, dosage calculations, and proper documentation. One of the benefits of Elite Medical Academy’s program is its flexibility, allowing students to complete the certification at their own pace within a 6-hour framework.

Benefits of an Online Medication Technician Course


The online format allows you to complete the course at your convenience, making it easier to balance with other commitments.


Being an online course, it is accessible from anywhere in the USA, ensuring you can gain this valuable certification regardless of your location.


The 6-hour med tech course is an affordable way to gain a certification that can significantly boost your employability in the healthcare sector.

Career Advancement

This certification can serve as a stepping stone to more advanced roles in healthcare, providing a solid foundation for future learning and career growth.

Immediate Employment Opportunities

Once certified, you can immediately apply for a range of positions in healthcare settings, thereby quickly transitioning from learning to earning.

Places You Can Get Employed After Obtaining Our Online 6hr Med Tech Certification in the USA

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are designed to provide care for seniors who need assistance with daily activities but do not require the intensive care provided by nursing homes. Your role as a medication technician will involve administering medications, monitoring residents’ health, and ensuring a safe and supportive environment.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled nursing facilities offer more complete care, including medical and rehabilitative services. As a certified med tech, you will be a crucial part of the healthcare team, managing medications and supporting the nursing staff in providing high-quality care to residents.

Drug Treatment Centers

Drug treatment centers focus on helping individuals recover from substance abuse. Your expertise in medication administration will be invaluable in managing treatment plans, administering medications, and supporting patients through their recovery journey.

Home Care

Home care services allow patients to receive medical care in the comfort of their homes. As a med tech, you will visit patients to administer medications, monitor their health, and provide essential support, ensuring they can live safely and comfortably at home.

Group Homes

Group homes provide care for individuals with various needs, including those with disabilities or mental health issues. Your role will involve medication administration, health monitoring, and supporting residents in their daily activities, contributing to their overall well-being.

Enroll Today

If you are ready to take the next step in your healthcare career, consider enrolling in the online med tech certification course we offer at Elite Medical Academy. Known for our complete curriculum and flexible learning options, we are the best medical institute to consider when looking for online med tech certification in the USA. Contact us today at 727-614-8400 to learn more and enroll for a fulfilling healthcare career.

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