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Blood Borne Pathogens/HIV


Blood Borne Pathogens/HIV

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Medical professionals and various other professions are commonly exposed to patient bodily fluids, including blood. However, the extent to which this exposure occurs differs by the type of occupation as well as random chance. Those who work as emergency response professionals, health care workers, and public safety personnel are sometimes exposed to blood by way of needlestick. Others in these lines of work are exposed to blood following skin exposure, mucous membrane exposure, and sharps injuries.

Pathogens are a major concern as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) can cause significant harm to infected parties. Those who work in the field of healthcare and those who employ healthcare workers are advised to take advantage of the many work practices and engineering controls available to prevent exposure to potentially harmful bodily fluids and blood.

Elite Medical Academy provides a helpful and informative Blood Borne Pathogens/HIV medical course. This medical course is designed for healthcare professionals who have the potential to come into contact with bloodborne pathogens during the course of their daily work. The medical coursework is approved by the American Heart Association to teach students the best methods of preventing exposure to potentially harmful pathogens. This detailed medical course also explains exactly what one should do if exposed to bloodborne pathogens.

With Our Course You Get Certified Right Away And Can Add Bloodborne Pathogens/ HIV Certification To Your Skills. 

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