If you are looking for a way to help people, consider a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This is your chance to lend a helping hand to those in desperate need of assistance.
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Med tech training

Looking For An Online Certification Course For Nursing Assistant ? Enroll Now!

For aspirants who are looking for an opportunity to make career in nursing. Elite Medical Academy is the best place for you. we offer variety of courses in the field of nursing like certified nursing assistant Prep course, EKG technician, first aid, state Pro-Metric test prep course and many more. we offer courses both on line and offline. You can also register yourself for a set of many courses as they have packages as per your needs. After completion of your course you can get a job right away in any hospitals, nursing homes and patient homes. All you need is a CNA certification done. Scope of CNA is expanding day by day, one has to just find out where to do it? We call Elite Med Academy the best because they provide you hands on training and demonstration. You will be taught by a nurse in small class sizes. we also help you to get a job after completion of your course. We have our classes available in Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Seminole, Florida.

Nursing is a noble and rewarding  job and it is always needed in every part of the world. One should choose this as  a career only if he/she  is skilled enough. And to acquire those skills you must get enrolled into an institution where you would be able to learn, demonstrate and practice in comradeship of an adept professional. Med tech training is also one of the most useful training course that can be done online, it is a six hours course that facilitates with knowledge pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of a medical technician. They keep a record of medicines prescribed to patients, and typically work under the supervision of a nurse.  Elite Medical academy ensures that you take home a brain full of knowledge and skills which lead you towards your career.

What all does this course include?   
  • How to take care of patient’s hygiene by helping him/her taking bath and dressing.
  • How to check blood pressure, temperature and other vital signs of the patient.
  • How to maintain file of the patient including reports, prescriptions and other related documents .
  • How to keep the surroundings of the patient sanitized.
  • How to do the dressing of wounds
  • How to assist in medical procedures of the patient
  • Responsibilities towards patient.

All these skills will enable you to excel in the field of nursing. Get yourself for registered for any online , off-line or in-person course as per your choice. To enroll yourself you can check our website www.elitemedacademy.com and call on given numbers and join the nearest center.