If you are looking for a way to help people, consider a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). This is your chance to lend a helping hand to those in desperate need of assistance.
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CNA Training

Medical Awareness, a Necessity

Be a certified medical assistant with the certified nursing assistant course, in the word with lots of toxins. The minimum eligibility required for the same is high Prep Academy diploma or above. With proper certification one can learn CPR and Basic life support for reviving life in cases of severe medical emergency.

For becoming a certified nursing assistant one must pass skill test and written examination. The skill test involves carrying out actual nursing assistant duties, and the knowledge examination is available in multiple formats, candidates can opt for written or audio examination, they can make their choice at the time of application. Job in the medical field is very reputed one, because of obvious reasons.

Background Check

The candidates appearing for the examination must be diligent in their efforts, which are later proved with their efforts during internship period. In internship, the job aspirants learn the basic duties of medical assistants, works they need to carry out and working hours. There is no gender bias in this job. As both male and female are given equal opportunities.

CNA Class

Vital Tips for Getting through CNA Prep Training and Examination

Stay updated and organized, using a calendar to keep track of assignment due dates. A paper calendar/work task manager works fine, but a calendar app that sends you alerts is even better. You can also use your calendar to schedule study sessions, and clock for timing your written examination time. Schedule about two hours of studying every day, helping you to gain consistency.

  • Get Help Right Away – If you don’t understand something, seek assistance immediately. As fast-paced as CNA Prep training is, it’s easy to fall woefully behind. It is important to resolve the issue at hand, which otherwise could lead to other problems.
  • Buddy Up – Pair up with another student and work together as study partners. Additionally, you can quiz each other about different theories and consequently help prepare for test, viva exams and quizzes.
  • Take Care of yourself- Do not burden yourself while completing CNA Prep training. Remember to take care of yourself. This includes time to sleep, time to relax, exercise and time to exercise. Eat properly, stay hydrated, and spend some quality some time with friends and family too, not affecting your training.
  • Learn from your Mistakes- It’s an important part of the process. Mistakes can actually help you as long as you learn from them. Whether you make a mistake in an assignment or during clinical error, make a note of what you did wrong and how you can avoid the same in future.
  • Complete the Assigned Reading- Theory classes won’t make sense if you haven’t done the reading, make it a priority. Make it necessary, to stipulate some extra time of strictly for reading every day.
  • Complete Lots of Sample and Practical Exams- The main hurdle to traverse after finishing your training is passing the certification exam, which is foundation of certified nursing assistant course. There are multiple sample papers over internet and many sample paper books, from which one can practice.
  • Get Plenty of Sleep – Between classes, and your other responsibilities, it’s easy to run out of time for the most important thing of all: a good night’s sleep. If you have not slept well at night, you will definitely become drowsy during the say. As busy as you are, it’s crucial to get at least eight solid hours of sleep every night, and some rest during the day.

Rehabilitation Training

The certified nursing assistants also look into the rehabilitation of the patients. They gain knowledge in this field because of their work-experience, working under doctors and acting as the primary support to the patient.

Working Hours

This kind of job does not have fixed working hours, because of the different needs of the patients. The scope of the job as a certified nursing agent is wide, ranging from hospitals to private jobs. At some point of life everyone requires a medical assistant whether it is medical cause or recovery from a medical metamorphic Injury.


Job requirements for medical assistants may vary based on the practice specialty or the experience. Medical assistants generally required to accomplish the following job duties:

Perform administrative tasks, such as bookkeeping procedures and insurance claims processing

Establish and Maintain Patient Records

Perform clinical tasks; including sterilization techniques, blood test, specimen collection (urine and stool), diagnostic testing, vital signs, and patient care

Communicate with diverse patients relating to disease prevention, health maintenance, community resources, and therapists instructions

Assist with Patient Procedures and in-office Surgical Procedures

Medical assistants are required in every hospital or clinic to handle n number of administrative duties, such as appointment scheduling, medical correspondence, medical billing and coding, medical transcription, and managing electronic records. Clinical duties includes taking care of patients and also doing basic daily things for them such as cleaning, bathing them and many more.

Beyond clinical and administrative knowledge, many hospitals require medical assistants to possess specific traits, all of which help them in excelling in their profession with precision.


Certified nursing assistant course lays the basis for prevalence of good health in the society. It is an affordable course enabling people to learn the importance of medical process in maintenance of health, and if necessary take control in their hands for saving lives in critical situations. These assistants play a vital role n patient in-house and out-house rehabilitation.