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Medication Technician Certification: How Can You Become an Attendant with Knowledge of Medicine?

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A medical attendant with knowledge of medicine is an advantage for both, the family and the patient, because that attendant is also a skilled care giver for taking good care good care of the personal needs of the patient, along with medical care, which bothers the family the most. The job of medical technician is of much importance because he/she plays a twin role, by contributing towards the recovery of the patient including both medical and physical fitness. The job of the technician varies as per the requirement of the patient in cases of fracture and diseases, which have a prescribed time period of healing, their job might be limited, but in cases of chronic health issues in relation with the nervous system (head, spine injury and vestibular issues) their requirement might be longer. Elderly or geriatric patients with persistent pain are particularly at risk of functional limitations up to the loss of social and personal life. To provide assistance in both, mobility and quality of life, medical attendants play an essential role in management in their daily life, helping them to carry out their circadian word.

Medical attendant

Medical Awareness

Medical technician certification is a course teaching the necessity of medical awareness and imparting medical knowledge during grim situations.  This includes the knowledge of CPR (cardio-pulmonary resurrection) which is an immediate life saving technique during times of emergency. In addition, imparting knowledge of lifting and shifting patients with grievous injuries, to avoid further injuries. Medical technician is also a humanitarian service which is concerned with human health and at the same time seeking to promote human welfare. CNA (certified nursing agent), is an online/offline course imparting the knowledge of basics requirements of the patient. Their job includes working 24/7, and always being on their toes for better patient assistance and needs. These CNA’s are aficionado in their work because of the seriousness and devotion in their work, they works towards rebuilding the patient:-

  • Assisting the patients in the activities of daily life by serving them meals and feeding patients if demanded; answering to their queries; guiding patients in walking; and turning, positioning, and transferring of patients.
  • Taking care of the patients hygiene by assisting in using the toilet, or giving bed baths or scrubbing, or during showers (wet floor); assisting a dependent patient with his/her elimination needs and assisting in walking patients to the toilet; providing them with backrubs to prevent bed sores and giving regular skin care with moisturizer.
  • Follows the doctor’s instructions to perform procedures, including giving them enemas in case of constipation; applying sterilized dressings, ice packs, and heat packs; giving therapeutic baths, assistance in hydro therapy; and applying restraints on the order of a physician.
  • Taking care of the personal hygiene for all kind of patients; young or old and of those recovering from surgeries, coping from injuries and accidents by helping them in their basic needs.
  • Maintain patient stability by checking vital signs and weight, and recording water and food consumption along with intake and output of urine.
  • Helping with the periodical activities that are a vital part of daily living, like by assisting patients with their meals, including serving and feeding them if necessary.
  • Serve the hospital community by adhering to professional standards, hospital policies and procedures, as well as local, state, and federal requirements.
  • Set up medical devices like equipments for secretion of excessive mucus and helping them with various therapeutic procedures to resolve their issues which include laying out tools for precise examinations or moving devices between rooms.
  • Answer calls of assistance and observing changes in the patient’s behavior, emotional behavior, or physical condition.
  • Implement individualized care plans and offer support to patients to maintain their dignity, privacy, and comfort.
  • Assistance in the maintenance of a clean, tidy, and safe environment by taking care of environmental deficiencies including equipment.


A medical technician is like a governess of the patient with any illness, or of geriatric patients, helping them in keeping pace with the normal world without attracting sympathy. These courses of medical technician certification give you apt knowledge when dealing with people who have basic needs, which are not very basic for many